Don’t throw baby out with bathwater

To help folks decide who they might vote for come November, I would like to describe for fellow readers what Grover Norquist’s Republican Party sees as the future. The stated goal is to “starve the beast,” to shrink the federal government to a size where it could be drowned in a bathtub. I would point out that this then means state governments would go down the kitchen sink, major cities would flail in a cereal bowl, small towns in a teaspoon and rural community governments would wash away in a heavy dew.

Want to see the Tea Party’s America? Drive past the Snohomish city police station. Closed up. Or perhaps you know folks over in Kitsap County where local fire stations are shuttered. Want this for your neighborhood? Then feel free to vote Republican. However, if you want services such as local police and firemen, schools that do not try to burn themselves down every couple of years, and hospitals that are not going broke healing people with no insurance and never in their lives enough income to pay for a life-saving operation (or even a simple surgical procedure), vote for the other guys. You can say it … the Democratic party.

Michael Furr