Dunshee has had his many chances

Regarding the Herald Editorial Board’s endorsement editorial for the 44th Legislative District: I cannot believe the gushing over Hans Dunshee. They say (“Imagine a kinder, bearish Lyndon Johnson”) what about his email statement during the redistricting process where he called his district, “isolated, ignorant and lower income”? The email quote can be found in the Tacoma News Tribune “Redistricting shows how far incumbents will go.”

If he is so good, then why does CNBC rate Washington state as 21st in their yearly “America’s Top States for Business”; we were ranked 20th last year. What would another two years of Dunshee give us? The same CNBC ranking had us 38th in Cost of Doing Business, 45th in Economy, 36th in Infrastructure and Transportation, 36th in Business Friendliness and Cost of Living. Dunshee has been in office 18 years and this is what we have to show. I would like the board to explain this!

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens