Earlier ban efforts unsuccessful

Regarding the Dec. 22 letter, “Non-sporting types should be illegal”: The writer wants to make all semi-automatic hand guns illegal. She wants only the military to have them and only on base. Any idea how many weapons are stolen from military bases every year? Secondly, I do believe she is going to aggravate nearly every police force in the country simply because they all use semi-automatic hand guns. I don’t think they will be too happy going to jail for a year as she proposes.

I guess she doesn’t recall the Army major who killed numerous members of the Army at Fort Hood a while back. At the time it was against the rules to carry a loaded weapon on base, I guess he didn’t listen. But if the victims had been able to defend themselves, I do believe the results would have been different.

Hitler took guns away from the public as did Stalin, Castro to name a few. I’m old enough to say it didn’t work out too well for the people of those countries.

It still isn’t the guns; during my lifetime I have seen the first restrictions beginning in the 1960s. Then it was the so-called Saturday Night Special, if we got rid of them all would be well. How did that work out? Before that I don’t remember any hijacking of airplanes, because the bad guys didn’t know who was armed and who wasn’t.

Many have concealed carry permits and have never harmed anyone, but just might save a life, especially in a circumstance like the one the other day. You know what they say, when you need a cop, they are only 10 minutes away.

Ken Kraft