Eating well also crucial to health

I appreciated Tuesday’s article, “When pills make it worse.” All the suggestions mentioned were wonderful, but I was disappointed that there was no mention of using nutrition to one’s advantage when trying to get the upper hand on depression.

With the help of a naturopathic physician (or even just one’s own internet research), the correct balance of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates at every meal can work wonders for brain chemistry. Healthful eating, and therapeutic levels of high quality supplements specific for relief of depression, can lift a person out of a dark state and help them be able to think clearly and begin to get moving again in their life.

Avoiding sugar in all its forms, and the many chemical-laden processed foods that are everywhere, is also of great help in reducing symptoms of depression. Sugars and food industry chemicals are not supportive of healthy brain chemistry. As the saying goes, “Shop the perimeter of the grocery store,” where the healthful, whole foods are and skip most of the rest.

Natalie Houghtaling