Entertainment section the best

I really appreciate the “restaurants/entertainment” section of the Herald. I am constantly asking myself what there is to do on Friday and Saturday nights, and I can never adequately answer the question myself. But since my discovery of this “restaurants/entertainment” section, I almost always come up with something to do. I am always trying new foods and enjoying my city in ways that I never had when I was younger. I didn’t know that I was surrounded by so many diverse restaurants.

My friends are also more likely to hang out with me now that I can find entertaining things for us to do. Getting out of the house every weekend and enjoying my city is a delightful and often humorous experience. My friends and I have stayed in touch better and communicate much more often thanks to our fun activities. Without this “restaurant/entertainment” section, I would have a rather boring lifestyle. Not to mention that my friends would still be more out of touch with me. Being out and about has also made me more active and energetic. This lifestyle change caused me to join a gym and exercise regularly. All in all, this “restaurant/entertainment” has really reinvigorated my life. Thank you.

Luong Hau