Entire PUD board needs to be replaced

It can’t be true that the PUD would spend $18 million to read your meter! I don’t know what else to call it but insanity. What was wrong with the way it was?

The fellow that has read our meter the last few years, here north of the empire of Marysville, on 51st Avenue, is very conscientious and respectful. He always reads the meter on time, I always got the bill on time, I always paid it on time and the PUD always cashed my check on time! So what is the problem?

Leave the system alone, and save $18 million.

I know what the problem is. Under-qualified and overpaid people at the PUD. It is time to change leadership. There has been questions for years about the management. It is time for a change and an improvement.

Citizen elected commissioners must go, every one of them.

The Herald paper of June 17, 2015, front page, writes about an ethics investigation.

I want to know what happened to the $800,000 that the PUD wasted. An investigation found that there was a violation of an ethics policy.

This public utility is supposed to belong to the people. So it is time to take it back and find new management.

You know that your rates are going up to cover this and other wasteful decisions.

I want to hear from other citizens about this subject because we have to do something now!

John C. Campbell