Exercise power over Happy Meals

Regarding the Wednesday article, “Happy Meal toys promote child obesity, group alleges”:

Happy Meal toys promote child obesity? That’s akin to claiming a gun grew hands and killed a man all by itself. While I will agree it is ludicrous for the fast food giant to claim their meals are healthy (why is it necessary to include 9 grams of sugar caramel dip with apples?), it is equally ludicrous to blame them for America’s obsession with convenience. After all, there has never been a case of McDonalds prying a child’s mouth open and forcing parents to shovel chicken nuggets down their throat.

It’s time for some real accountability, Mom and Dad. When little Timmy asks for a Happy Meal, don’t give in to your own need for a quick fix; just say “no.” You wouldn’t give in to a request for crack no matter how good the marketing or how much he cried for it, right?

If you don’t take responsibility now, and Timmy turns into an obese, crack-fueled teenager begging for a Big Mac, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

Natina Norton