Familiar tactic isn’t persuasive

The writer of the Friday letter “Plant demonized by vested interest” uses a familiar tactic to oppose those who differ with his belief system … demonize the opponent(s), rather than support his arguments. Paint the picture with inflammatory images so that no “reasonable,” “thinking” person could draw any conclusion other than the one that is being developed. Take for instance his images of, “Mayans, modern-day doomsday prophets”; “”Irish need not apply”; or “Christians only”; “Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps”; “performed full frontal lobotomies”; “administered electroconvulsive therapy”; “smear campaign by timber baron”; “ultra-conservative left wing religious zealots.” (I think he meant to say right wing). Who in their right and reasonable mind could identify with being for all the images above and against general marijuana usage? There’s a more rational side.

Why do you think employers such as Boeing require drug testing for employment? Do you want somebody working on the plane you are flying to be slightly off when performing a critical job? Would you mind that the doctor performing surgery or making a diagnosis or prescribing a drug is a little influenced by marijuana? What about the driver next to you and your kids barreling down the freeway at 60-plus mph? Marijuana is an entry drug and the desired result of any drug is to achieve an “altered state.” It is one thing to achieve this at home, only their family has to deal with it, but quite another to subject the public to their actions.

Chuck Galliher

Mountlake Terrace