Fear-mongering won’t create jobs

The near hysterical response to coal trains should not surprise me — not in Washington — but it does.

The suggestion that coal trains would be “…spewing coal dust…” that would collect on the tracks, resulting in derailments is silly. Confer with any child who has flattened a penny on the rails. They will set you straight.

And yes Virginia, “…out-of-state companies stand to make enormous profits….” When did the transmogrification of “profit” occur? Without profit there are no jobs, unless you consider forced labor in a Yugo factory a job.

Of course, no hysterical rant would be complete with the inclusion of rising oceans and the occasional drowning polar bear. Global warming is real. And it is here to stay! Or until we have another ice-age. When you can disperse a hurricane, calm the seas, and prevent the shifting of tectonic plates, get back to me and we’ll discuss your plans for controlling the earth’s temperature.

What is at stake locally is the creation of solid union jobs in the economically depressed Whatcom County — not to mention the jobs along the line. It’s millions of dollars injected annually into the economy — an injection that we need!

But, I suppose that if you have yours, then you need not consider this further — let them eat cake!

Paul Munro