Funds meant for kids, not admin

Funding for a new school administration facility approved by the Everett School Board is being deceptively financed by matching state funds intended for student facilities and exempted from such uses. Meanwhile, funds are being diverted away from needed facilities at Cascade and Jackson.

Deceptive criteria for injury accounting by the board; only injuries covered by school insurance are counted as facility- related injuries, dismissing the majority of injuries covered through private carriers, are a ploy to downplay the inherent risks associated with field conditions and needed improvements and further their own agenda.

My son’s injury and others like it are being discounted by the board as though they never happened. Programs, students, coaches and parents are frequently and adversely affected by the condition of these fields, which are neither competitive nor adequate during much of the year. These schools and programs are being kept at a costly and competitive disadvantage while the school board spends budget money on a project by administrators for administrators.

Where is the board’s advocacy, priorities and genuine effort to accurately and fairly assess the safety, adequacy and needs of student facilities at these schools? Where is the state enforcement regarding the use of their capital improvement funds and the accountability for spending student facility funds on administrators?

Since the existing administration facilities are adequate, yet the board has somehow justified spending $27 million on a replacement, why can’t it justify funding for two clearly inadequate and needed high school facilities, which actually constitute proper use of these funds?

Paul Elliot