GOP isn’t looking to help middle

As the two political conventions wrapped up I felt that further credence was afforded to my interpretation of the acronym TEA Party — The Egos Abound Party. The Republicans made it all too clear that it is all about them and their wealthy patrons, while pandering to their most extreme branches. The “it” that they have built is their big lie about their economic plan. As the comedian Lewis Black put it, “When you can convince people who are too poor to have a pot to p___ in that the rich shouldn’t pay taxes, then that’s leadership.”

The same kind of leadership is offered by Tim Eyman, whose lifestyle and anti-tax initiatives are principally supported by a wealthy, anonymous donor. I’m afraid that too many of the 99 percent have been co-opted into buying the GOP’s plan. So, if we want to go back to the old system that wasn’t working in 2008, we may as well bring back vaudeville. Vaudeville died because it stopped serving a purpose, but at least it kept a lot of people employed. Just put everything back the way it was at the time of the economic crash and all these “new” jobs will be created.

Thomas Munyon