Gratitude to Knapp for exemplary service

My wife, Karen Brandon, and I wish to add to the list of statements acknowledging Commissioner Gregg Knapp’s devotion to the citizens of Snohomish County Fire District 7.

I first met Gregg back in 1992 when we both served on the ATF Sno/King Serial Arson Task Force. Gregg Knapp received this temporary assignment from his normal job as a King County deputy, and I had a four-month temporary assignment from my supervisory job with the state of Washington Department of Community Corrections. With Gregg Knapp’s assistance the task force identified and then arrested arguably the most prolific serial/spree arsonist in U.S. history; this was Paul Kenneth Keller.

During our long time together it was a pleasure to work directly with this dedicated, energetic, goal orientated, resourceful, duty-driven deputy. When he advised me, some 18 years ago, he was “throwing his hat” into the political ring in hopes of becoming a fire commissioner, I wasn’t at all surprised. I knew right away, when he got that job, he would use his numerous skills to assist all those living in Fire District 7.

It is often noted “past behavior is a good indication of future behavior.” So true to form, Gregg Knapp did, in fact, serve the citizens and Fire District 7, with his usually long hours of work, his dedication and integrity.

Karen’s and my wish is for Gregg Knapp to receive a lot more recognition, which he deserves from all of us who live in Fire District 7’s area of command!

Thank you Gregg Knapp! Both Karen and I salute you for your more than 18 years of service to yours and our community.

Chuck Wright

Mill Creek