Guess who pays for those who do not

I noticed in Saturday’s paper news about the state health exchange with numbers to boggle your mind. (“Diverse group in state health care exchange.”)

The article was about young adults who are critical targets for insurance. What amazes me is 6,000 young adults between 18 and 25 signed up for health coverage in just the first month. Only 328 in that age range signed up for private policies. The other 5,672 will get their coverage for free. Is this a great country or what? I will let the readers figure who will be paying for the 5,672 other folks. How long will it take the rest of us who have worked, saved and did what most people do. We worked so that now in retirement we can pay $110 for Medicare, plus supplement coverage and drug benefits. Please do not worry, as we will be asked to pay more (taxes) for the free insurance to keep flowing. Sound fair to you? All we have to do is look to our elected people (Democrats, liberals) who are slowly buying more votes to stay in office. Remember when you vote next year and beyond if this what you want.

I am waiting for the current group in D.C. to say we all need to buy new cars so the industry will flourish. Since they will tell us what we need to do, I want to be first in line to sign up for a free car. Why not!

Mike Martin


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