Guess who wins playing ‘GOP ball’

I couldn’t believe when I heard House Speaker John Boehner say that the Democrats were playing “small ball” about the debt, and Republicans were getting tired of it.

If we want to play the GOP’s version on big ball, why don’t we just keep on stepping on the middle class and the lower financial class in mass numbers until the big guys don’t have anybody to step on and they need bailouts.

The only way to correct our problems that have gotten so big is to make small corrections as we can, when we can. If the Republicans and Mitt Romney can create enough confusion then they can try to reverse any progress that is good for the United States and the rest of this world.

Growing pains are part of a slow progress toward recovering an economy that has been devastated by the GOP’s style of big ball. The only way to keep the ball rolling in a constructive economical manner is to keep some consistency in the White House.

David Worth Goss