Harsher penalties needed for some

Regarding the article, “High bail set for ‘quite a character’”: Can anyone in the legislative or criminal justice systems offer one single, lucid, logical reason why obvious social culls like Alan Brian Waterman are allowed to continuously, and repeatedly prey on society?

By all accounts, Waterman is the poster boy for the “three strikes” penalty. Consider: 2007, at age 19 Waterman flees a burglary in a stolen car and tries to kill a police officer in the process. The officer suffers multiple injuries. He is not required to serve his entire seven-year sentence. At age 24, he has already compiled 11 adult felony convictions, and was recently released again. He is currently under arrest for having over a pound of heroin, and daring the police to book him, bragging that his “homeboys” would bail him out of jail.

It’s cases like this that causes one to have some appreciation for the legal system in the Peoples’ Republic of China. Someone like Waterman, after being convicted a second time, would have been summarily, and justifiably, permanently removed from the gene pool. When you consider the mounting monetary costs he causes to the police and the courts, to say nothing of the psychological damage and overall mental anguish to his victims, keeping him in prison for life would be financial benefit to society as a whole. He is inarguably devoid of any redeeming human values, and should be treated as such.

Lee Fowble