Have symptoms of ad overdose?

I have noticed that the one saving grace the proliferation of political commercials on TV is the almost total absence of drug commercials. We are not being urged to see our doctor in case Adlimunibubblishious is right for us, nor are we being cautioned that it causes cancer in rats, may give us thoughts of suicide, or depression. We haven’t had to worry about something lasting more than four hours. We haven’t noticed a bathrobe following us around holding an umbrella signifying depression. No, we are asked for our vote because the candidate is a swell person and has done everything they were supposed to with only our best interests in mind. Either that or “Here are all the terrible things my opponent has done!” It appears that if these advertisements are to be given any credence, they need a disclaimer suitably approved by the lawyers, such as:

“Warning: Voting for this person, which may seem like a good idea at the time, can lead to socialism, job loss, higher taxes, bigger government, higher gas prices, higher medical costs, more reliance on foreign oil, thoughts of suicide, murder, depression, and impending doom. If these last for an extended period of time, contact your Congressman or Representative.”

My name is Loren Tollefson, and I have approved this letter.

Loren Tollefson

Lake Stevens