Help needed with museum ship models

Military troops have been transported aboard troop ships, landing craft and other types of ships. Carriers, battleships and destroyers have accompanied them on their journeys across the seas.

These ships did not arrive at their required fighting positions without a lot of help. They needed to have fuel, food, bullets, bombs, and rockets supplied to them on a regular basis. The needed supplies were replenished to them by special types of ships. These ships are called ammunition, provision store, combat store, gasoline tanker and fleet oilers.

Veterans, wanting to recall their service days, have no way to go aboard a ship that has been preserved. There are no replenishment ship museums.

A contact is needed with the passion to receive help from all the hundreds of veterans who are willing to contribute to building ship models that can be placed in museums, such as existing carrier museums or the historic Navy buildings of Sand Point Naval Air Station. The home of the First Flight Around the World.

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Vern Bouwman

Navy replenishment historian