His lawlessness is unacceptable

Regarding the Friday Charles Krauthammer column, “‘Discretion’ by Obama truly is lawlessness”: Lawlessness indeed. Where and when is this dictatorial practice going to end? To put it simply, is this the example where the future of this country going to be? I know that there has been some questionable steps taken on international issues. Claiming executive privilege to avoid public disclosures on matters of homeland security. I define that as a cover-up.

And, with intent to win the presidential election trashed, Obama desecrated with malice the law of the land, Constitution of the United States, which he taught and I believe, banked on its Article on Civil Rights, my oh my. I am an immigrant in this country. However, all of my life I have seen my native land, the Philippines, fight side by side, in two wars with the United States of America. The Preamble of the Philippine Constitution is a verbatim of my current constitution. It is a double pain and shock to me such lawless behavior. I cannot just ignore such unconstitutional and with malice actions of this president. I am therefore placing the future of this country, first, and my party last.

Maria Ambalada