Ignorant to say war was failure

Regarding the Monday letter, “Due time to end failed occupation”: For an American to state “The American occupation in Iraq was a war failure” is plain ignorant. The American and allied forces were operating with the understanding that Saddam Hussein was making possible weapons of mass destruction. Plus, Saddam used his tyrannical dictatorship in some of the most awful killings known to humankind.

To say that we failed is a blatant insult to not only the USA, but most importantly to the 4,000-plus American service members that sacrificed their lives. “The USA leaves a ruined country…” What!? The U.S. left Iraq a free country! We and the allied forces have and will help diplomatically and with humanitarianism. Now we have a potentially powerful ally in the Middle East.

When it comes to recouping the monetary cost of the war, think of the oil fields over there. We now have the possibility to receive a larger chunk from them to help the economy.

Justin Roberts