Illegal fireworks a menace for years

My heart goes out to the woman who wrote complaining about New Year’s Eve fireworks. (“Fireworks rude welcome to city.”) Better batten down the hatches or head for the hills before Fourth of July! I have one idiot living down the hill from me who starts days ahead of time and another clown up the hill who does the same. It’s like dueling fireworks and it goes on until long after midnight!

I called the police and was told, “Yes, Ma’am. The personal fireworks are illegal.” Well … hoop de doo! I gave them the name and address of the dipstick down the hill and nothing was done. I have no clue who the uphill jerk is.

I’ve put up with this nonsense for over four years now. I’m 80 years old and could use some sleep! This is just a sad statement of what our society has become. No consideration for others. No manners and potty mouths everywhere.

So, welcome to Lynnwood. If you can get some action from the local constabulary, I’ll award you a medal.

Sally Lauman