Imagine how useful they can be

Apparently most of you gun haters don’t understand is this. If one of Byron Scherf’s many victims had a gun, and shot him to death, guard Jayme Biendl would be alive and Byron’s attorneys Karen Halverson and Jon Scott would not be sharing in the half-million dollar pot that the state has provided, so far, for his defense.

There would have been no slaves if the Africans had more fire power than the slave traders 400 years ago. Do you get the point? The reason there are few gun incidents in federal buildings is because they have metal detectors and armed guards at the entry doors, and the guards will shoot anyone walking up with an exposed weapon. But that’s not practical at schools.

Suggestion: Take down the “Gun Free Zone” signs, since all the massacres have occurred in those “zones” and put up signs that say: “If you want to kill or harm someone start with yourself.” The maggots are cowards. Check out the incident in Clackamas Town Center and Nick Mali’s stopping that maggot. The maggots don’t go where they can be challenged, but do go to “gun free zones.”

Two maggots made a rapid stop, pulled into this remote “way side” and parked as my wife was preparing a lunch. They moved their car in a suspicious manner closer to us and backed in. They fled in a hurry when they saw me reach under my seat, without even seeing the .38. Guns are not always bad.

Richard Jauch

Camano Island

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