In fatalities, no bail for suspect

This letter is in response to the article “Teen killed in accident was known as ‘Hugz’”: I would really like to know how drinking and driving can be called an accident. These fools who choose to do this should not be out on bail; when they have killed someone. Why do they have more rights than the victim? I’m so sick of these idiots running free to possibly do it again too some other family. To take their world and totally turn it upside down.

Look at Meghan Stivers; that idiot was allowed to stay free for how long? Now this idiot who killed Shane Santos, is out on bail. They made a decision to drink and drive a vehicle; they belong behind bars. Let them sit there, look at pictures of what they did. Show some remorse for what they caused the victims’ families. Anyone drunk who gets into a car, a potential deadly weapon, should have their licenses permanently taken away. They don’t deserve the right to drive; they lost that when they made the stupid decision to get behind the wheel impaired. We need to stop treating these murderers with kid gloves; who will die next?

The sentence needs to be higher as well; it is murder-plain and simple. So all you fools who drink and drive; Stop! You have no right to take my life or any other innocent victim you take out with your stupidity. If you really need to pickle your liver; stay home and do it.

Denise Sutton