Inslee shouldn’t act like dictator

Those in support of Jay Inslee putting a moratorium on executions are, in my mind, misguided.

I too am opposed to the death penalty. I believe murder is murder, whether it’s by a bad person, or the state. Whether it’s by gunshot, lethal injection, hanging or abortion, it’s all homicide.

But I don’t believe Jay Inslee should start to emulated ex New York mayor Bloomberg or President Obama. To act like a dictator isn’t governing, legislating or leading. It’s just a control issue. It puts him in the pompous arrogance category and one liberals like to be in. Since they believe they know better than the common folk, they will dictate their will on the people.

If Inslee reduced taxes by the stroke of a pen, I’d be saying the same thing (although I’d love it if he did). He’s not my governor when he acts like a dictator.

Howard M Burpee