Israel right to do whatever it takes

Hamas has fired 2,160 rockets at Israel over the past few weeks, causing 6 million civilians to live under constant threats to their lives. Having enough, and because Hamas refused to honor repeated cease-fire proposals, Israel attacked Gaza. The American left, including members of Congress, academia and the media have sided with the Palestinians, accusing Israel of genocide.

Many countries in Europe have always been anti-Israel. Why, I don’t know. Even though they are at war with Hamas, Israel continues to supply Palestinians with food and medical supplies and treat their wounded. They also dropped leaflets warning civilians to vacate the areas they intended to attack. What did Hamas do? They moved women and children into homes, schools and mosques from which they launched rockets and then blamed Israel for killing civilians.

The Obama administration and the U.N. has accused Israel of overreacting. It is clear that both are anti-Israel. Overreacting indeed. I ask you what would America do if attacked? We only destroyed two countries following the 9/11 attack on our homeland. Just this week our drones killed 26 people in Pakistan, including some civilians, and it is not the first time. It’s Obama’s favorite way to wage war by proxy, if you will. Much in the same manner that Bill Clinton did from 10,000 feet over Yugoslavia. To top this off, Obama and the U.N. have again stalled, for four months, further sanctions on Iran for not meeting our goals in disarming their nukes. This will give them more time to get a bomb.

What is Israel supposed to do under these circumstances? They should and will do what ever is necessary to protect their country including taking Iran’s nukes out before they are used against them.

Don Williamson


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