It always comes down to almighty dollar

Outgoing Everett City Councilman Mark Olson says there are a lot of good reasons to go ahead with commercial air traffic at Paine Field. Very true. And they are all colored green. As in greenbacks. There are a lot more reasons not to. As in all the people adversely affected, for one.

The environmental Impact study done was, in my opinion, a joke. Ask the folks living around Sea-Tac about environmental impacts. The idea that more commercial air traffic operating out of Paine field will little affect those living in the area is absurd. We also know that the Boeing Co. plans to increase their flights in the near future. And who is to say that more airlines will not want to use the airport in the future?

The federal tax dollars, our tax dollars, that would be lost by Paine Field for denying more commercial traffic amount to a little more than a million bucks a year, on average. Chicken feed in the county spending budget. As far as convenience is concerned, you can probably drive to Bellingham faster and park cheaper as well. I think we all know what this is about. It’s about money, people. And the opportunity for a few to make a buck at the expense of many. That’s capitalism, folks. It might be good business, but it darn sure isn’t right.

Don Curtis