It’s a shame money won

It is simply amazing the amount of money that was funded by corporations to defeat Initiative 522. I sincerely hope all Washingtonians who voted against this initiative took a good look at the news coverage of both campaigns (for and against) election night coverage. Also amazing that the corporations that paid so much to defeat the measure couldn’t or wouldn’t muster the remaining dollars necessary to “buy” the people necessary to fill the almost empty ballroom for the victory. I guess money can’t buy you love….

It is a shame the initiative failed. The requirement to label the GMO products/foods would have illustrated just how pervasive this engineering really is in our food chain. From the feed chickens and other livestock eat to the grains we eat in our breakfast cereals. Does anyone really believe that if there were something harmful in these GM foods that these powerful and wealthy corporations would allow us to know about it… wake up, Washington, and have some organic coffee (no guarantee that’s not GM either)!

Karen Forester


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