It’s not solely Obama’s fault

I applaud Mike Shouse for his patriotism, appreciation for veterans and his concern regarding their well-being. That having been said, many elements of his attack on the commander in chief invite rebuttal; I’ll address only one.

Fortunately, we are welcome to express our “opinions” here whether they stem from fact, wishful conjecture or a simple dislike for someone. In other words, as long as we don’t say anything overly offensive, we’re generally allowed to make fools of ourselves and write whatever nonsense makes us happy. Mr. Shouse offers a prime example: “Obama has been accused by some of having an inward disdain for the military in spite of his rhetoric and outward appearance. I really wonder if this is true.” Well sir, if having “been accused by some” is all the evidence you require, and if it makes you feel good, then by all means go ahead and accept it as true. (Obama was “accused by some” of being born in Kenya and that belief persists among those to whom it appeals.)

With all due respect however, to insinuate that Obama is solely responsible for the VA debacle because of indifference resulting from disdain for the military, and to do so without providing any proof, is, from my perspective, just plain goofy. At this point, his only obvious failure would appear to be appointing General Shinseki to head the VA. Shinseki incidentally, was unanimously confirmed by the Senate for that position and deeply loves the military.

Dan Postema


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