Keep government paws off of e-cigs

Regarding the article, “E-cigarettes: New ‘smoke,’ same concerns”; So, as a voter, I will make it my goal and mission to campaign and/or support any candidate running against a hypocritical B.S. politician that takes any stand to treat e-cigarettes like regular cigarettes. In addition, I will support with my money any campaign that will directly oppose and put initiatives on any ballot that directly challenges any ruling made by any Snohomish County Health District regarding e-eigarettes.

The slimy SOBs tried to tax and regulate the population, and they weren’t able to control our lives. They said second-hand smoke was the evil killer, so we switched, only they all don’t get the precious tax money and can’t bleed us to death, so now they once again want to attack our personal rights and freedoms.

Well, enough is enough, just say no and revolt, don’t buy into this latest round of B.S. from the almighty Snohomish Health District or any sitting member of the Snohomish County government. Tell them not only no, but in a loud and visible hell-freaking-no.

Keith Becker

Lake Stevens

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