Keep your flyers off our doorknobs

This issue might seem small-minded. However, it truly can lead to major loss. Anyone who advertises by leaving flyers tacked to a home or hung on the doorknob, should stop this practice..

In this area, some religious denominations and businesses believe that our doorknobs are their doorknobs. Like hit-and-run artists, they hit our doorknob with a flyer, and run.

Burglars are fairly sophisticated these days. Burglars case houses and neighborhoods. If that church flyer or ad festoons the doorknob or is otherwise visible for a day or so, that is a big “tell” to evil-doers, that the house might be as easy to hit as it was for the hit and run artist who left the flyer hanging there.

Think about it. The burglars who obtained their leads from obituaries and preyed on grieving family members, needed only a few hours to do their work. A church or business ad flyer that is not removed is like an ad saying “Come on in. No one is home.” It could also be worse. There may be an infirm family member or child at home who could not fight back, and a simple burglary could turn into something much worse.

I would like to see the local businesses and churches, and especially that business person who nailed a flyer to the front of all the garages in this neighborhood, stop that practice now, before they are the cause of loss, harm or legal action.

To draw upon a friendly homily, “Me casa doorknob is not su casa doorknob.”

Pam Lodefink