King County controls too much

Well, the elections are over and we can now live with the benefits or suffer the consequences, depending on your perspective. I’m OK with that. What I am not OK with is the lop-sided control by King County over the outcome of elections — political races, referendums and initiatives. One answer would be to let King County form their own state. Then they could tax and spend themselves into oblivion and nobody would really care.

Another answer would be for the people of the other counties in the state — conservatives, right of center and even left of center — to get more politically involved. This also means being financially involved to offset the influx of union, special interest and outside interest money that flow into King County at election time. More importantly, these people need to vote. How many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of these people did not bother to vote because they believed that their votes don’t count? Your votes can and do count!

I refuse to believe that the far-left politics of politicians like Jay Inslee, Jim McDermott, Susan DelBane, et al. truly represent most of the people in this state. If you are tired of King County controlling the politics of this state, get informed, get involved and let’s do something about it! God Bless America!

Mike Shouse