Krauthammer deals in facts

Regarding the July 23 letter, “Limit propaganda that you print,” in which the writer thinks Charles Krauthammer’s column is a distortion of facts and nothing but propaganda. He states The Herald seems to take no responsibility for fact checking.

Well, I have news for the writer; he doesn’t understand that Krauthammer is the fact checker.

No one is more fact accurate, more politically astute, or more articulate in putting words together so most anyone can clearly understand the message.

It’s all about facts … these people have been brow beaten and can’t see the forest for the trees. Who’s the delusional soul here?

We need a leader who can simplify things and get people off the Obama love affair … the bottom line is actually very simple. The only way to diffuse the liberal media is to allow them to disgrace themselves.

Jim Raffetto

Mill Creek