Kudos to majority for their ‘yes’ vote

We have been watching the Boeing machinist vote from afar and are pleased that common sense overcame greed in this case. These are people who make excellent wages, and so what if they are giving up pension for another form of retirement funding! Be glad you have a well-paying job with benefits, period.

I don’t know where employees get the idea that they “deserve” to share in the profits of a company. Buy some stock in the company! To any business, wages and benefits (if benefits are even included) are a huge part of the budget. Not being business-minded, it shows that these union workers really don’t grasp what goes into running a company and what it costs to keep a company viable.

Additionally, there are many (even those of us with college degrees) whose earnings and benefits don’t touch those of Boeing machinists. What about job satisfaction — loving what you do and being proud of a job well done? If you compare your wages to others, you probably will never be happy and if your wage provides an acceptable degree of comfort and luxuries, then be happy.

Sometimes the people interviewed on the news come across as unable to think for themselves. This union mentality is amazing to someone who has never belonged to a union. Even my uncle, who retired from Boeing and is since deceased, couldn’t buy into the attitude and sometimes narrow-minded vision of some of these union people.

Overall, times have been tough and we should be mindful of being part of a solution to an economic recovery and how our decisions impact not just ourselves, but those around us and even an entire community.

Yeah for the “yes” voters.

Lana Brennan