Larsen represents the problem

Rep. Rick Larsen was, predictably, the recipient of the Herald editorial staff endorsement on Sunday. Listing the local pork issues that Larsen has worked on, the Herald ignored the big issues that so frustrate Washington conservatives, moderates and independents. That’s because Larsen is firmly committed to President Obama’s goals and policies, past and future, including Obamacare and the attempt to spend us into prosperity with trillions of dollars of ours and our childrens’ money.

Over the last 3 ½ years, Rep. Larsen has continued to make clear to me, through his staff on many phone conversations, that he would do whatever was necessary to help the president achieve his goals, even when opposed by the majority of Americans. The threat of Obamacare has depressed our economy and full implementation would destroy it. You’ve seen your health-care premiums explode, even before all the new taxes and mandates take effect in 2013. Repairing the damage done during the last four years is going to take dedication and hard work by President Romney and it’s unlikely that Rep. Larsen would help achieve that goal. He has followed President Obama’s lead for four years and America is weaker and poorer for it. We need a solid conservative to work with President Romney on the problems that have languished without solution for four years, and that person is Dan Matthews. We can’t afford four more years of economic and foreign policy bungling by either President Obama or Rep. Larsen.

Curt Greer