Let coach finish his rebuilding

In response to the letter about Steve Sarkisian and Husky football, well, I think the letter writer should do some fact-checking next time. (Wednesday, “New era requires new coach.”) First of all, they didn’t almost lose to Eastern Washington last year, that game was the opener of the 2011 season. Secondly, they don’t play their first four games of this season at home, the second game of the season is against the University of Illinois in Chicago, which is basically a home game for Illinois. They also have a tough schedule this year and three of the first nine games are on the road, not two.

I agree that Steve Sarkisian has a coaching seat that is getting warmer and warmer after every season of a 7-6 record, but he has resurrected the program nonetheless. Combine that with a new renovated Husky stadium about to debut and this is the year that the program should take off, and contrary to the letter writer’s beliefs, that will bring in recruits. I know that the Washington State Cougars would take 7-6 any year, but this is the University of Washington. Competing for Rose Bowls, conference championships and national championships is what the U-Dub is all about and we are right on the cusp of that again, and that is something I firmly believe. Go Huskies!

Jeff Swanson


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