Let’s hope Sandy wakes people up

What does the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and all the other science academies around the world say about climate change — it’s happening, it’s man-made, and if carbon emissions aren’t significantly reduced, we’re screwed! (http://nationalacademies.org/onpi/06072005.pdf )

Are oil and coal companies concerned about climate change? No! How do we know? Because they already own more than enough carbon reserves to crash earth’s climate — five times more — yet oil and coal CEOs spend billions every year looking for more! Why do they throw good money after bad? It’s the surest way to raise the price of their company’s stock and personal portfolios — it’s about greed, not saving the earth.

Are there solutions? Yes, (see Reinventing Fire at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H2jnmJ6ZEw) but the solutions won’t come from the oil and coal CEOs, or their bought and paid for politicians who continue to call global warming a hoax.

Is Sandy the extreme event that turns things around? Hopefully it is. But, the clock is ticking. If nothing changes, the world will burn through earth’s climate safety net in 16 years. (see: Unburnable Carbon at www.carbontracker.org )

Gary Lintz