Let’s stick to facts, not speculation

Regarding the Wednesday letter, “Legal case against officer quite clear”: All investigators needed to do was talk to the writer to obtain “all” the facts.

The letter writer seems to have been able to insert himself into the incident as it was happening and know exactly what happened. Even more astonishing, the writer has been able to get into Officer Meade’s mind and “know” his or others’ lives were not in danger or that he didn’t feel threatened.

And what a grasp of Everett Police policy and procedures regarding stun guns and deadly force. I never knew there was a policy or rules that stated shoot to stop meant you can’t stop a potential threat from behind.

This writer goes on to know exactly what training Officer Meade has had and what he had forgotten. And the statement regarding pepper spray. I’m not sure the effect it had on the writer, but I have seen pepper spray applied and have no effect on persons in a state of intoxication, drug influence or rage.

I’m not arguing this officer’s guilt or innocence or if he was right or wrong. I certainly am not going to try to guess what he was thinking or the state of mind that led him to believe he had to use his weapon to this tragic conclusion. It scared the writer that other police members have given Officer Meade encouragement and that any one of them is capable. The scary thing is we live in a society where we need officers capable of split-second decisions to take a life.

Officer Meade has served the city of Everett for 11 years. I would like to believe he is entitled to the same right to be considered innocent until proven otherwise by facts and not hearsay garbage.

Daryl Eby