Liberals’ debate lacking in logic

I was watching Piers Morgan debate gun control on his show with Ben Shapiro and many other guests and it was shameful to watch him resort to name-calling and emotionalism. Personally, I think a debate about anything should be done so logically, but it appears that he was more concerned with whose side the crowd was on. I wish him best of luck in his endeavor to come across as more high and mighty by labeling anyone who disagrees with you an idiot, or an intolerant bigot.

This heated debate across America should not be such a difficult issue to resolve. The philosophy is not hard to grasp: realizing that law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry concealed handguns would tremendously disenfranchise criminals, in the same way the fear of being spanked by my dad as a child erased my incentive to misbehave. Ironically, gun free zones serve to encourage deranged murders to commit atrocities because they know that they won’t face armed resistance in those areas.

Morgan and others should realize that making gun ownership illegal will most certainly not stop gun violence or even gun ownership. It is illegal in the U.S. for a civilian to manufacture or possess cocaine, methamphetamine or heroin. Surely, no one living in the U.S. manufactures or possesses said substances. Item: over 10,000 cocaine arrests were made in 2010 and half that amount for methamphetamine. My point is that making gun ownership illegal will not stop gun violence. Criminals are defined by their unwillingness to follow the law.

Jacob Thompson

11th grade

Lake Stevens