Living legend deserves to be in

Congratulations to the athletes recently elected to the Snohomish County Sports Hall of Fame. These accomplished athletes deserve recognition for their achievements and success. However, it is unfortunate that another outstanding Snohomish County athlete, Bill Iffrig of Lake Stevens, has not been acknowledged as a great Snohomish County athlete and also elected to the Hall of Fame.

Bill Iffrig, now in his 80s, has won 35 U.S. Track and Field Age Group National Championships. He is one of the top age-group ranked runners in the world. He was injured in a fall at the finish line at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and was later featured on the front cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. Following the bombing and Bill’s recovery, Runner’s World magazine published the story of his running accomplishments before and after Boston. Bill still runs today and can be found training on the streets of Everett, the Centennial Trail, and the trails of Lord Hill County Park He is a legend and an inspiration to runners of all ages. He deserves to be in the Snohomish County Sports Hall of Fame.

Doug Beyerlein

Mill Creek

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