Local interests need local writers

Considering the plethora of wine experts and writers in the state of Washington, I find it disturbing and insulting that the Herald chooses to publish a syndicated article about dry wines, even when it is nutritionally focused. (Wednesday, “For less sugar in your glass, choose a dry wine”). The Herald is a local newspaper and readers expect local and regional writers and topics. We do not appreciate the syndicated “fillers” that have begun dominating the paper. This news can be found on the Internet which is where you seem to be pushing your readership.

When a nutritionist such as Ms. Lehman writes about wine, it may be more appropriate to quote winemakers or wine writers when she comments on where and how wines are produced. A good example is the comment that Ice Wines are only produced in cold climates such as Germany, Canada and Austria. Given the right conditions, ice wines are made in Eastern Washington by such vintners as Kestral in Yakima. I am not an expert on local nutritionists, but I am going to stick my neck out and say that I imagine that the Herald could have found one in Puget Sound to write this article, and our own Andy Perdue would have ensured that the wine information was correct and not California and Euro-centric.

Is it the Herald’s function to just collect the news or research and write about it?

Paul Schumacher

Camano Island