Mall parking at a bloated premium

Regarding the article, “Big addition to Seattle Premium Outlets to open next year”: Living in Marysville, I occasionally do visit the “Outlet mall” conveniently located right on the other side of I-5 from me. I can tell you that the newly “redesigned” parking garage and all the parking lots put together are pathetically inadequate for a normal Saturday afternoon shopping day. I was amazed at the sheer volume of traffic and this was not even a “holiday” weekend. Now they are building more and more retail outlets so this condition is only going to multiply. The situation is bad enough that I doubt I will be going back there anytime soon; this is a parking nightmare for everyone other than maybe a bicyclist. I was surprised at how bad this situation has become as I thought the parking garage would have somehow improved the parking. It appears to have gotten worse. I won’t even begin to talk about the traffic going over the 116th street overpass, there’s another fine example.

John F. Forsberg