Many pose danger to self, others

Once again we can all be expected to lose sleep over the noise of fireworks. Never mind that the Fourth is still some days away. Those devoted noise-making folks always begin letting them go as soon as they are on sale. Emergency rooms will be full of those nit-wits who injure themselves, as well as the extra duty by the fire department putting out the fires from unsafe use of the noise makers.

There are those who will argue that fireworks are safe! They can only be as safe as the person who is using them! Based on past history, I would have to say that if an IQ test were required before purchasing fireworks, little would be sold. Not to mention the lack of caution displayed, after a few beers have been consumed.

Let us all say a prayer for those using fireworks this year. “Please do not injure anyone, or set anything on fire.” Amen!

Linda Varon