McAullife knows our state’s values

Dawn McCravey, during a recent forum, referenced her son-in-law’s teaching experience in Texas to bolster charter schools. I wonder what else she thinks we in Washington state should adopt from Texas? Have you read the Texan Republican platform? It champions the use of violence against children as necessary in order to teach. It bans the promotion of critical thinking skills because thinking undermines parental authority. Republicans also insist that teachers teach “the controversy.” Is McCravey included in the 60 percent of Republicans who don’t believe in evolution? Does she support their call to ban the morning after pill? We don’t know because McCravey remains vague on these issues; though as a legislator, these are issues she will face.

McCravey identifies with Republicans and she refers to Texas as an example for Washington.

Also disturbing: STAND — a national organization working to privatize our public school system — is contributing heavily to McCravey and disseminating blatant falsehoods about Rosemary McAullife.

Rosemary McAullife represents the values of mainstream Washingtonians. She has a proven track record for supporting small business, education, etc.

Let’s keep the extreme positions of the Far Right in Texas!

Vote for Rosemary McAullife!

Christy Steckler

Mountlake Terrace