McKenna off base on social issues

I am very disappointed in the Herald editorial board’s endorsement of Rob McKenna in Sunday’s paper. If I could find another general paper for this area, I’d cancel my subscription.

Please voters, remember, McKenna is a Republican which means he is part of the “war on women,” bringing us back 50 years and erasing all the gains we older women fought for, such as the right to choose, use of contraceptives, etc. And if you believe people should be able to marry who they love regardless of gender, don’t count on McKenna supporting that.

Present Republicans are extreme. They talk sweet but underneath they are all alike. Catering to the wealthy and squeezing the middle and lower classes by cutting social programs badly needed.

Jay Inslee has the correct stands on important issues that touch us. Jay Inslee is the correct choice. I endorse Jay Inslee.

Molly Robertson