Medicare plans are an advantage

There have been several letters from readers critical of the Everett Clinic’s decision to restrict care to seniors only to those who will join a Medicare Advantage Plan.

I believe that this criticism is misdirected and results from an uninformed understanding of what is happening.

The Everett Clinic has been a leader in the health care field for more than 85 years. This decision is consistent with that history. It is one of the ways that the Everett Clinic has developed to contain costs through a more efficient way of doing things. In this case, the clinic’s claims processing only has to be submitted to a single payer instead of first presenting it to Medicare and then to the supplemental carrier for the balance. There are other factors as well that improve patient wellness care and cost containment.

Three years ago when we were first introduced to this option, we chose to join. We found that the coverage was more comprehensive and included preventive care, such as dental, ophthalmic care, and annual physical exams at a cost no greater than Medicare Part B, Pharmaceutical Part D, and Supplemental Coverage.

The Everett Clinic has been a progressive, innovative and wise provider to our family and their guidance to Medicare Advantage is consistent with that legacy.

Gary L. Meisner