Mitigation change must be opposed

Included in the Monroe School Board Aug. 13 information packets was news that the city council was considering increasing the builder discount from 25 percent to 50 percent, the same discount as Snohomish County. Approving this higher discount lowers the mitigation fee paid by builders when a new home is built in the city of Monroe, thereby lowering mitigation fee revenue collected by the Monroe School District.

As the city council considers lowering the mitigation fee, the Monroe School Board remains silent, and has yet to represent the interest of the district by adopting a board resolution against reductions to school mitigation fees.

As a former Monroe School Director (2007-2011) it should be no surprise — during my term I received much resistance and no support from the board to my continued suggestions to adopt a resolution relating to the Snohomish County mitigation 50 percent discount rate. I had hoped Monroe School District leaders would take a stand against these discounts that lower mitigation fees and unite with other Snohomish County school districts to collect their full mitigation fee. Again, I received no support from the board.

I am deeply disappointed the school board has yet to bring forth a resolution against reduction to mitigation fees, or taken on an advocate role on behalf of the district, students and taxpayers. The board has failed to protect this potential loss of revenue. The board will be looking to the taxpayers to overcome this loss of revenue, and that is just plain wrong.

Debra Kolrud


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