Most arguments miss the point

The argument that Stalin or Hitler denied his people guns is pretty bogus. While it is true that about the first right the Nazis took from the Jews was the right to own a firearm. By all accounts every member of the Communist party in Soviet Russia was required to carry a gun all the time. The Nazis also were well-armed, Hitler had two semi-auto pistols on him always. Stalin encouraged Russian young people to practice shooting all over the country and awarded good shooters prizes.

I have read that about 20 percent of the Russian snipers at Stalingrad were young women that could shoot your eyeballs out 600 hundred yards away, Russian snipers were one reason that Germans were defeated in World War II. Stalin and Hitler were gangsters that would show no mercy to anyone but they didn’t fear their people.

I have owned firearms since I was about 14 and I have never been a danger to anybody, that is my argument for gun rights. Why should people like me give up guns when we aren’t a threat?

Mike Miller


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