Murray much too slow to respond

On Dec. 6 I received a letter from Sen. Patty Murray’s office.

I had gone through the email page through her website. I sent her my problem with information on how to contact my son, a 15-year Navy enlisted. My son had been waiting on the Navy to follow its own regulations and procedures and appeared to be stuck in limbo for a year. Navy regulations say that it should take no more than three months for this to complete. So at the time it had already taken more than three times longer than it should. So having gotten fed up with that situation, I tracked down the contact pages for his representative, and both senators of the state of Washington where his ship is home ported.

I emailed all three something like five months ago.

I called Rep. Norm Dicks office, and they called me back.

I received a call from Sen. Maria Cantwell’s office and followed up fairly closely after.

To have received the email on Dec. 6 seems to me to be an indication that Ms. Murray is long past due for retirement…

Norman Moss


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