Names bother bureaucrats only

Regarding the article, “Schools urged to stop using Native American mascots”: Here we go again, more politically correct crap. Now the state wants all mascots with Indian names to be changed because they may be offensive. I’ll bet if you asked the kids in high school if they ever thought of this they would say no. It takes some overpaid bureaucrat to come up with this stuff.

While we are at it, why not change the names of cities that have Indian names. How about Snohomish becoming River Port, or Skykomish becoming Mountain City? For that matter while we are at it, let’s change all rivers with Indian names to something more politically correct. What are they trying to do stamp out Indian heritage? The Indian tribes in this country have been treated bad enough since the first white explorers came here, so let’s stop trying to dismiss them entirely. From what I have heard, most Indians look at it as a badge of honor.

How about cities with the name “white” or “black” in them. Do we start changing them? How about Black Hawk, Colorado, there’s a city with two ethnicities in it. How about Black Lake in Snohomish? How about White Bear Lake, Minnesota, or White Plains, Georgia? Are we going to go after them, too? How about “The White House” — now that should offend anyone who isn’t white. It’s about time we grow up and quit trying to change everything for political reasons. By the way, my football team in high school was called the “Blue Devils,” and there is even a blue devil on my class ring. Now who could be offended by that?

Chuck Heinitz