Need for strict visits foreseeable

The stunning knowledge that Josh Powell had been permitted visitation in his own home with his two children, supervised though it may have been, leaves me enraged. It was mentioned on the nightly television news that Mr. Powell likely was on track to be charged with the death of his wife this summer.

Given all the unsavory details we have already heard regarding his parenting choices, especially the cohabiting of this dad and his boys with the paternal grandfather — a man arrested on suspicion of possessing child porn and voyeurism — one would expect social services authorities to act with the utmost circumspection where these children were concerned. Innocent till proven otherwise, of course, but a generous degree of caution should have mandated parental visits in a public, neutral location, period.

News pundits express shock that a man could also take the lives of his own children, but under the circumstances, even the average citizen could probably draw a straight line from impaired state of mind to vengeful acting out. I am not shocked. I am incredulous.

Marjorie Heidrich