News flash: Most value teachers

In the wake of the Wisconsin recall election, it’s understandable why many conservatives would feel the need to take a victory lap. Not surprisingly, Mitt Romney jumped right in. In a speech about how out of touch Obama is, Romney said the last thing Americans want are more teachers, firemen and police.

A comment like this begs the question: Who’s out of touch? I’m sure, most of Mr. Romney’s friends send their kids to private school, and live in gated communities with private security and fire suppression systems. However, most Americans can’t afford these services on their own, no matter how low their taxes. We depend on the services provided by these and other public union members.

Is this what you mean when you talk about big government and overspending? These are middle class people, living middle class lives in service to the middle class. But Mitt Romney wants to cut taxes and leave more money for “job creators.” This all adds up to a very unusual three step job growth plan: eliminate public sector jobs, cut taxes on the wealthy, hope they use the proceeds to create more jobs. Good luck, we’re all going to need it.

Jay Vandenberg